The latest report in the Culturati Gen Z Intelligence Series: Engaging Gen Z Through the Power of Sports ©2023

This report dimensionalizes the opportunity of authentically connecting with Gen Z’s through sports and other elements that drive positive social change.

We are thrilled to unveil our latest report, which offers a deep dive into the dynamics of Gen Z’s relationship with sports.”

— Marissa Romero

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 / — As the Gen Z generation continues to shape the consumer landscape and influence brand interactions, Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. (Culturati) has once again taken a pioneering step forward in deciphering the complexities of this demographic. Their latest report released as part of the Gen Z Intelligence Series®, “Engaging Gen Z Through the Power of Sports,” offers unparalleled insights into the intersection of sports, culture, and the evolving connection preferences of Gen Z consumers.

In today’s rapidly changing market, understanding Gen Z’s behaviors, preferences, and the factors that drive their engagement is pivotal for brands. Culturati’s latest report is designed to empower marketers with an in-depth understanding of how beliefs, attitudes, and cultural influences shape Gen Z’s interactions with sports, catering to both general market and multicultural audiences.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest report, which offers a deep dive into the dynamics of Gen Z’s relationship with sports,” stated Marissa Romero, Culturati’s Chief Insights Officer. “By examining how cultural nuances influence sports behaviors among Gen Z, this report sheds light on the emotional needs, community ties, and pride associated with the Gen Z diverse segments.” Additionally, Jake Martin, Gen Z and Sports Junior Consultant stated, “In our generation, it is not only about understanding, playing, and watching the game…Sports enable us to connect with others in an exciting and meaningful way.”

The report goes beyond a general overview by examining specific cultural influences, leveraging Culturati’s advanced knowledge of human truths of each cultural cohort, including the influence of Hispanic Universal Truths (1) on fostering fandom & connections within Latino Gen Z individuals, the impact of Black Key Themes (2) on shaping fandom & connections among Black Gen Z members, and the role of Asian Universal Truths (3) in shaping fandom & connections within the Asian Gen Z cohort. Understanding these distinctions is pivotal in elevating engagement strategies and fostering authentic connections with Gen Z consumers and fans.

Moreover, the report provides valuable insights into the varying levels of sports fandom within Gen Z, distinguishing between Moderate and Casual Fans versus Super Fans. This segmentation offers brands a nuanced understanding of how to cater to different levels of engagement and tailor their strategies accordingly. The report also explores how Gen Z’s digital upbringing influences the unique ways they engage with sports and relate to their favorite teams and players. This also provides suggestions for marketers to leverage social media and other digital spaces where Gen Z feels comfortable.

Culturati’s “Engaging Gen Z Through the Power of Sports” offers a roadmap for marketers to connect authentically with this dynamic generation, ensuring their strategies not only resonate today but also anticipate future trends.

Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. is a leading authority in U.S. cross-cultural and generational intelligence, providing cutting-edge insights that empower Fortune 100 brands to navigate and thrive in diverse market landscapes.

For more information on the report and how to access these invaluable insights, contact [email protected].

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