The African ingenuity behind African creativity: Discovering Adaora Oramah
The African ingenuity behind African creativity: Discovering Adaora Oramah

Adaora Oramah, Founder of AMAKA

Adaora Oramah: Pioneering Pan-African Stories with AMAKA Studio, Where Creativity is Celebrated and Monetized

Your uniqueness is your strength; build a network and hone your skills to seize every opportunity.”

— “I want fellow African women to know they can pursue their dreams too

LAGOS, NIGERIA, May 20, 2024 / — Adaora Oramah, a 28-year-old Nigerian American CEO, is driving change in the media landscape through her innovative platform, AMAKA Studio. The company, which celebrates and monetizes the stories of Pan-African creators, has seen remarkable success, generating over $1.7 million in advertising revenue to date and experiencing a 35% average monthly growth rate among active creators. Additionally, AMAKA has secured over $1 million in funding, with notable participation from investors like Morgan Stanley.

Oramah’s inspiration comes from the diversity and dynamism of African women across Africa and the globe. In an era where most social media professionals are millennial white women, she aims to illuminate African talent on a platform that cherishes the nuances and intricacies of the African diaspora. “I spent considerable time in New York, immersing myself in the media space, gaining insights into diverse creators, nurturing partnerships, and uncovering opportunities,” she reflects. “My educational background in media communications from New York University and the London School of Economics has formalized my understanding of media, digital, and technology.”

These honed skills have empowered Oramah to amplify and champion her work with AMAKA. As she’s advanced professionally, she’s also integrated personal lessons into her skill set, offering insightful support and understanding to fellow creators. “As an African woman founder in technology, I’ve encountered numerous challenges,” she acknowledges. “Women, in general, face underfunding and lesser investments, but African women bear an even heavier burden. We receive less than 0.35% of all VC funding, making it arduous to seize opportunities in the investment landscape.”

The challenges escalated in 2023, a year fraught with complexity and economic volatility. Companies of all sizes grappled with uncertainty, struggling to find their footing. Yet, for Oramah, each obstacle has been a hurdle she’s adeptly navigated. Today, partnerships with companies like Morgan Stanley have enabled her to refine AMAKA’s business offering, ensuring its continuous evolution and growth. “It’s been a journey of character-building,” she affirms. “Tenacity and perseverance have been my guiding principles. My unwavering goal is to provide enhanced opportunities for African creators, facilitating storytelling, monetization, and growth. I firmly believe that this commitment will catalyze transformation across the continent.”

Oramah remains resolute in her focus on the future: African creators, digital opportunities, and a reimagined African continent. The underlying narrative underscores AMAKA’s role in expanding growth opportunities for African creators, propelled by her passion and commitment. “This is my guiding light, ensuring my perseverance even amid tumultuous landscapes,” she shares. “I want fellow African women to know they can pursue their dreams too. My advice is simple: validate your ideas before diving in. It’s not about yielding to criticism or naysayers; it’s about experimentation until your business idea resonates with your audience, ensuring longevity.”

Another pivotal piece of advice Oramah imparts is the importance of finding mentors, especially women who instill confidence and grace. “Connect with smart and successful individuals, learn from your missteps, exhibit grace in defeat, and face adversity head-on,” she concludes. “Your uniqueness is your strength; build a network and hone your skills to seize every opportunity.”

Oramah, a Nigerian American Creative Strategist with expertise in content creation, strategy, and business development, has left her mark at reputable media, advertising, and design firms, including VICE, OkayAfrica, Omnicom’s RAPP Worldwide, and Aruliden. Armed with a master’s in strategic communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an NYU alumnus, she continues to shape her career and AMAKA’s trajectory.

Discover more about her journey and AMAKA Studio, and stay updated via their Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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