Taylor Smith, Breakout Star on NSU University School Soccer Team, Visits Prospective Colleges

Team Captain Taylor Ava Smith

Team Captain Taylor Smith and her teammates

Taylor Smith and her teammates

Taylor Smith is also interested in fashion

Taylor Smith, captain of the NSU University School Sharks, has begun visiting prospective colleges to prepare for the next stage in her soccer career.

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Taylor Smith, captain of the NSU University School Sharks soccer team and member of the Broward County 5A-2A girls soccer first team, has begun visiting prospective colleges in preparation of the next stage in her soccer career. Following a breakthrough season in which she led the University School Sharks to their first ever State Championship appearance, Taylor Smith is looking at what colleges will help to advance her soccer career and align with her overall goals.

Taylor Smith’s visit to Syracuse University was an inspiring and memorable experience. After attending a meet-and-greet with Coach Nicky and her staff, Taylor participated in warmup drills and small-sided matches. She then engaged in a full 11v11 match with current players and other campers. Following the match, there was an interesting Q&A session which provided valuable insight from current student athletes.

The campus tour after the athletic activities showcased the beauty of Syracuse University. Taylor enjoyed seeing the various facilities including the Carrier Dome, where the Orange football team plays, as well as Dineen Hall, home to SU’s Business program. She also got to explore some of SU’s on-campus housing options, such as Ernie Davis Hall and Day Hall which are popular living quarters for many students.

Overall, Taylor’s visit to Syracuse was a great opportunity for her to learn more about college soccer and experience what it would be like to be a student athlete at a top university. It allowed her to gain an understanding of what she could expect should she decide that Syracuse is right for her dreams of playing collegiate soccer while getting an education at one of America’s most prestigious universities.

Taylor Smith’s visit to Dartmouth was both exciting and educational. She began her day with a warm-up session which included drills and exercises. Afterward, the campers played a full match in the rain, despite temperatures that hovered around 40 degrees. During lunch, Taylor had the opportunity to receive insights from Coach Taylor and her staff about what she could expect if she became a member of their team.

Once camp was complete, Coach Taylor gave a long discussion with the campers about what it takes to be a successful student athlete at Dartmouth. She emphasized the importance of time management, academic excellence, and perseverance on and off the field. The day ended with an extensive campus tour, which showcased many of Dartmouth’s beautiful facilities, including Baker Tower and Woodbury Hall which are popular living quarters for many students.
Overall, Taylor’s visit to Dartmouth was an incredible experience where she learned more about college soccer while getting a glimpse into what it would be like to become part of such a prestigious university. She left feeling inspired by everything she experienced and will undoubtedly use this knowledge as she continues her college search journey.

About Taylor Smith, Athlete and Model

Taylor Smith was born in South Florida to entrepreneurial parents. Their influence can be seen in the drive that she has, her sportsmanship, and her forward-thinking perspective when it comes to business relationships and content creation. Taylor’s career building began the first time she set foot on the field. She described a pure passion for the game of soccer, and it is seen in her play–just as in any other artform. With aspirations of attending a top-tier university and continuing her soccer goals, Taylor works as hard academically as she does on the field. She is currently playing on a team that ranks in the top 5 within the United States, and she is on the field every day to perfect her craft. As she has entered high school, Taylor Smith’s main goals off the field have continued to be on her success in academics while generating a spotlight on her work within the fashion community–working with small to medium sized brands that align with her values.

Taylor Smith’s soccer career began when she was a young girl, joining various recreational teams before she joined her high school team that has since been ranked in the top 5 within the United States. She spends hours each day honing her skills on the field while also putting time into excelling academically so she can attend a top-tier university of her choice. Taylor applies this same diligence to her fashion endeavors, working with brands that align with her values and creating content aimed at inspiring others. Taylor Smith has grown into a strong leader whose ambition knows no bounds. With the continued guidance of her entrepreneurial parents and unwavering determination, she hopes to make great strides in both soccer and fashion, leaving a lasting legacy behind after graduation.

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