Robert Canfield, Republican Candidate for Governor of NJ, Calls for Bill Spadea’s Resignation to Maintain Integrity
Robert Canfield, Republican Candidate for Governor of NJ, Calls for Bill Spadea’s Resignation to Maintain Integrity

Rob Canfield, Republican Candidate for NJ Governor

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Robert Canfield, Republican candidate and political outsider, is urging Spadea to resign from his role as a radio host to demonstrate integrity in his campaign.

BRICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 1, 2024 / — Robert Canfield, a staunch Republican candidate and true political outsider, is urging Bill Spadea to resign from his role as a radio personality to demonstrate genuine integrity in his gubernatorial campaign.

Bill Spadea, the popular talk show host on NJ101.5, officially announced his candidacy for Governor of New Jersey on June 17, 2024. His announcement swiftly led to scrutiny from the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJELEC). The commission filed an Order to Show Cause questioning whether Spadea’s 20-hour weekly show constituted an in-kind donation, potentially violating campaign finance laws.

The NJELEC hearing, held on June 28, 2024, concluded that Spadea’s radio show did not count as an in-kind donation towards the campaign donation cap. However, the commission emphasized its intent to monitor his program closely and investigate any related complaints.

Robert Canfield expressed his concerns about the ruling, stating, “As the true conservative candidate in the race, I’d like to discuss New Jersey politics and my candidacy with Bill on his show. If Bill is being “above board” and wants to be both a candidate and a talk show host, we should be able to have that conversation… if Bill can’t do that because of his own candidacy, then he needs to decide to take a leave of absence from his show while he continues his campaign.”

Canfield’s call for Spadea’s resignation is rooted in a commitment to fairness and integrity in the electoral process. As an outsider candidate, Canfield believes in setting a high standard of transparency and accountability.

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Robert Canfield is the Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey. A true political outsider, Canfield advocates for gun rights, fair education funding, parental rights, and restoring COLA for retired police and firefighters and teachers. He is dedicated to bringing integrity and accountability back to New Jersey politics.

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