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SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2023 / — Employees in the public and private sector are extremely apprehensive about workplace violence. Over the years many incidents of terrible injuries and fatalities have occurred from active shooters and other homicides which has become shockingly all too common. Whether physical, psychological, or sexual, workplace violence is a major concern for employers and employees. We are all entitled to a safe and secure workplace. The responsibility of preventing these tragic occurrences falls directly on the leaders who must adopt a different mindset and decide on the best approach to commit to the business and their people.

Dr. Richard N. Knowles is a top notch highly sought after safety leadership and management consultant who assist organizations in mitigating the risk of workplace violence. Dr. Knowles is the co-founder of Nagele, Knowles & Associates.

Through Dr. Knowles unique consulting, he works collaboratively with leaders and decision makers by offering them the appropriate and most effective tools, strategies, and skills to better lead organizations encouraging a non- violent, safe work place that truly drive long lasting impact. Dr. Knowles says leaders play a critical role in creating and maintaining a healthy work culture. Leaders need to lead by example in creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Dr. Knowles prepares leaders to improve employee engagement and retention. Because a highly engaged workplace results in employee satisfaction where a sense of community is established and the business and the people thrive.

Dr. Knowles emphasizes how respect is one of the most important traits in the workplace because it creates a positive work culture, promotes teamwork, productivity, and collaboration. Treating people with courtesy and kindness should be the standard in any workplace, Examples of respect in the workplace include listening to one another’s opinions and conversing with an open mind so we build nurturing relationships.

That’s why it’s essential for leaders to build connections.

Leaders are in charge of making certain that all employees feel valued and has a voice so they feel like part of the team.

How leaders and workers treat each other by interacting respectfully is critical. Effective leaders model this behavior and set the example resulting in more respect being shown by employees. It becomes a happy place to work with increased job satisfaction where employees work harder and stay productive boosting the company’s bottom line. Foster a culture of respect and you will create a safe working environment where they will feel emotionally safer, happier, even in these challenging times.

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