Revolutionary Podcast: Make Sh*t Happen Inspires Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Pursue Their Dreams

AUSTRALIA, July 19, 2023/ — Make Sh*t Happen, an already top-ranked podcast in Australia, is dramatically changing lives by inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs to break free from the shackles of a 9-5 job and pursue their dream businesses. Founded by Sam McLeod, the podcast offers valuable insights, advice, and inspiration aimed at helping people create the life they want without the misery of the daily grind.

Make Sh*t Happen features interviews with high-profile guests with 10 million followers, including Leila Hormozi, Ian Jacobs, and some of Australia’s biggest comedians like Marty & Michael. All of them share their stories of overcoming hardships, telling how they grew their businesses and following to turn a significant profit through helping others. The podcast stands out from the competition with its unique approach to helping business owners spread their message to the world and teaching them to effectively brand and sell their services. Sam has some exciting up and coming guests such as Tristan Tate, Patrick Bet David & Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth!

“Freedom will only come when you no longer trade your time for money,” Sam McLeod emphasizes. This mantra reinforces his podcast’s mission to help individuals find that freedom and overcome their hesitations in starting a business. Make Sh*t Happen is dedicated to supporting listeners in learning from the hard lessons that others have experienced so that they can enjoy greater success in a shorter period.

Ranked as a top 14 podcast in Australia’s business category, Make Sh*t Happen has already helped over 500 people quit their jobs and embark on a journey towards fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams. Additionally, the podcast contributes to the creation of new jobs as business owners expand their ventures and provide the best possible lives for their families and loved ones.

To start taking charge of your life and begin your journey toward entrepreneurial success, subscribe to the Make Sh*t Happen podcast today.

For more information on 1-on-1 coaching with Sam McLeod, visit the website at and check his IG @mr__mcleod.

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