Player Support Services Limited: Announces New Award for Revolutionizing Athlete Well-Being
Player Support Services Limited: Announces New Award for Revolutionizing Athlete Well-Being

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Player Support Services Limited has been awarded the prestigious title of “Best Sports Consultancy of 2024” for its groundbreaking support to athletes globally

This award underscores PSS’s exceptional commitment to completely transforming athlete support by actually addressing the unique challenges faced by current, released, and retiring athletes.”

— JJ Weber MD – Co-founder

NEW JERSEY, USA, July 1, 2024 / — Player Support Services Named “Best Sports Consultancy of 2024” by Best of Best Review

Player Support Services Limited (PSS) has been awarded the title of “Best Sports Consultancy of 2024” by Best of Best Review. This recognition is a testament to PSS’s significant contributions to the field of sports consultancy and athlete support.

Transformative Approach to Athlete Support

PSS has been recognized for its innovative approach to addressing the unique challenges faced by athletes at various stages of their careers. The organization’s comprehensive services cover physical and mental well-being, financial literacy, career development, family support, and personal growth. This holistic approach aims to empower athletes to achieve their potential both on and off the field.

Range of Services

The services offered by PSS are designed to cater to the specific needs of athletes. These services include:

Career Transition Coaching: Assistance with transitions such as moving clubs, changing contracts or agents, relationship changes, and retirement.
Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Sports Leaders: Development of leadership skills for sustained success within and beyond the sports industry.
Financial Planning and Wealth Management: Personalized Financial literacy training and expert assistance to secure athletes’ financial futures.
Specialized Lawyers protecting athletes from ‘scam’ investment opportunities, recovery of funds, due diligence and conveyancing.
Sports Psychology: One-on-one support during injury, resilience development, and mental performance enhancement.
Personal Branding, Business Development, and Mentorship: Support in building personal brands, media training, and business ventures.
Family Support: Comprehensive support for athletes’ families, including child psychologists and safeguarding expertise.
Relocation and Real Estate Support Services: Assistance with relocation for seamless transitions.
Security Services: Top-tier personal, family, and property security services.
Leadership Advice and Support.
Nutrition Support and Advice
Additional independent income streams for athletes.

PSS is led by professionals with extensive experience in both sports and military sectors. Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Simon Le Clerc MStJ has a background as a national-level athlete and a 24-year career in the British Army. His experiences with PTSD and his daughter’s challenges as a junior tennis star inspired the creation of PSS. Co-Founder and Director of Sports and Injury Psychology JJ Weber, M.Ed., brings additional expertise as a former collegiate athlete and a member of the International Society of Sports Psychology and the Association of Applied Sports Psychology.

Client Impact and Testimonials

The impact of PSS’s services is reflected in the success stories of its clients. Athletes from various disciplines have benefitted from the tailored support provided, facilitating smooth transitions and significant personal and professional growth.

Global Reach and Recognition

PSS has established global partnerships with business leaders and athletes across multiple sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis, and the Olympics. Services are available to athletes from the age of 16 onwards, ensuring long-term support. Dr. Simon Le Clerc’s accolades, such as the ‘Heropreneur of the Year’ nomination and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Award, further highlight the organization’s commitment and impact.

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