NATAL Responds Rapidly to Multi-Front Attack on Israel with Comprehensive Emotional Support Services

NATAL’s Helpline provides crisis intervention & long-term care to thousands of Israeli adults and children every year. The only one of its kind in Israel, it serves as NATAL’s point of intake, and refers callers to the Clinical Unit or other professional organizations.

soliders stress support

NATAL’s Clinical Unit provides one-to-one and group clinical treatment for adults and children. With 150 therapists located throughout the country, care is provided at the NATAL Center in Tel Aviv or in hometowns of families unable to travel.


American Friends of NATAL’s (AFN) mission is to support and strengthen NATAL’s important work, providing vital assistance to Israelis suffering from trauma primarily due to terrorism and war.

NATAL, Israel’s leading trauma and resilience center, has transitioned into emergency mode, offering critical emotional support & specialized services.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 9, 2023 / — As Israel faces an unprecedented and devastating multi-front assault by Hamas, the nation is left grappling with shock, trauma, and anxiety. NATAL, Israel’s leading trauma and resilience center, has swiftly transitioned into emergency mode, offering critical emotional support and specialized services to those affected by the crisis.

Established in 1998 NATAL stands as a beacon of hope for trauma victims due to terror and war. Through helplines, clinical services, community outreach, and professional training, NATAL is dedicated to treating those who suffer from post-trauma and to promoting the resilience of Israeli society.

NATAL Mental Health Experts Available for Media Commentary

For media reporters seeking commentary and insights related to trauma and mental health, NATAL’s experts include:

– Dr. Itamar Barnea, Chief Psychologist at NATAL and recipient of AFNATAL’s 2023 Humanitarian Award, can speak on the profound impact of trauma on mental health and the crucial role of psychological support in healing and resilience.

– Emi Palmor, Chair of NATAL, former Director General of the Ministry of Justice of Israel, and a member of the Facebook Oversight Committee, can provide valuable insights into the intersection of law, human rights, and trauma, particularly emphasizing the importance of addressing psychological well-being within legal frameworks and policies.

– Dr. Dity Brunn, Clinical Psychologist, Professor at Pepperdine University, and Board Member at American Friends of NATAL, is an expert on the importance of early mental health interventions. Currently, providing real-time mental health support to people in Israel, and can speak to resources for people in the US (Jews and of any faith) for people struggling with anxiety.

– Maayan Aviv, Executive Director at American Friends of NATAL, can share her expertise on the critical role of philanthropy and international partnerships in advancing trauma support initiatives, highlighting the global impact of collaborative efforts to promote mental health and resilience.

– Ran Eliasaf, Managing Partner at Northwind Group and Board Member at American Friends of NATAL, can provide valuable insights into the vital connection between corporate social responsibility and mental health advocacy, showcasing the positive influence businesses can have in supporting trauma survivors and fostering community resilience.

Services NATAL is Offering Right Now

– NATAL is providing 24/7 helplines, specialized clinical support, field services, and online training to address immediate trauma and enhance resilience amid the ongoing crisis.

– NATAL’s Helpline has seen a staggering 6,000% increase in calls on the first day of the assault. Trained volunteers provide round-the-clock support to those in distress.

– Specialized helplines cater to various affected populations, including IDF veterans grappling with post-traumatic stress and families searching for wounded or missing loved ones.

– Field services include online training for parents, therapists, organizations in crisis, government officials, and the general public. These initiatives empower individuals and professionals to cope with the evolving emergency and its psychological implications.

– NATAL’s Clinical Unit is ramping up its operations, with therapists actively assisting those with exacerbated pre-existing traumas and implementing the National Insurance Agency’s “Anxiety Protocol” to address the surge in inquiries.

“We receive desperate calls from people who have seen loved ones murdered in front of their eyes, those looking for their missing relatives, parents who call for advice about how to talk to their children. They are scared, they are anxious, they are in shock,” said the head of NATAL’s Helpline, Dalia Yosef.

Ways Members of the Public Are Offering Support

As the needs of the Israeli population grow during these trying times, NATAL is urging the international community to provide vital support. Donations, volunteering, and raising awareness are critical for ensuring that those affected receive the immediate care they need. To directly supports NATAL’s work in the field of trauma preparedness and recovery:

American Friends of NATAL (AFNATAL) will be honoring Dr. Itamar Barnea and Ofer Yardeni during the organization’s upcoming fundraising gala on November 30, 2023, at 583 Park Avenue. The event will recognize the contributions Barnea and Yardeni have made in the fields of mental health and philanthropy. Support the event here:

Dr. Itamar Barnea is NATAL’s Chief psychologist, a renowned clinical psychologist, and a certified supervisor in psychotherapy. With his doctorate from the University of Denver and further studies at the Jung Institutes in Zurich, Switzerland, and Israel, he has had a groundbreaking impact on trauma treatment. Ofer Yardeni is the Chairman and CEO of Stonehenge NYC, a premier real estate company based in New York. Under his leadership, Stonehenge NYC, along with its investment partners, owns and manages a portfolio in Manhattan valued at over $2.5 billion. A native of Israel and a graduate of Tel Aviv University, Mr. Yardeni has been an influential figure in the New York real estate market.

About NATAL and American Friends of NATAL

NATAL is a leading organization in Israel, providing comprehensive support services to those affected by trauma, including a 24/7 telephone helpline. American Friends of NATAL’s mission is to strengthen NATAL’s critical initiatives, providing vital assistance and know-how to over 450,000 Israelis suffering from trauma primarily due to terrorism and war. AFN actively supports collaborative efforts with US organizations, bringing NATAL’s proven methodologies to aid Americans grappling with trauma and PTSD.

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NATAL is changing the lives of millions of Israelis by providing support for trauma and PTSD

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