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ODESSA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2024 / — All of us have the universal fundamental right to live safely and enjoy basic necessities regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability. But the grim reality is that so many people face barriers and tough life situations that can impede their potential to find success, whether they are struggling from addictions, their socio- economic status, rising rental costs, the impact of trauma, disabilities, or being economically disadvantaged. These very individuals are often the ones that find themselves shunned, marginalized, facing homelessness, isolation, depression, denied adequate housing, healthy meals, and access to healthcare, causing them to further lose their way. But it’s not just “their” problem to deal with, it’s a social and ethical issue that has a ripple effect throughout our communities. Studies shows that when we are having a hard time dealing with life’s difficulties, having a good support system is one of the most effective ways to change our lives for the better. However, with limited resources, how can our most vulnerable and disadvantaged also have the same opportunities to work on self -improvement so they too can live their very best lives?

Joyce Carelock is a highly sought after keynote speaker, Life Coach, and CEO of Joyce Carelock Ministries a topnotch nonprofit organization on a mission to lift all people out of despair, poverty, and helplessness towards a life filled with opportunity. She is also the author of Church Hurts Can Make You Bitter or Better: You Choose!, Youth Halted Between: Bad Choices & God’s Purpose, On My Way Down I Looked Up, I Believe God…Period!.

As a highly regarded and well-loved teacher, mentor, accountability partner, and Life coach, Joyce provides life skills counseling, offers an anger management program for those who need it, and invaluable tools and techniques that help her clients achieve a well-adjusted and fulfilling existence. Joyce’s pivotal role is to help everyone live meaningful, conscious lives through self-love. Hers is a life that honors God and serves others. With her professional guidance, even the most vulnerable individuals discover their inner strengths, capacities, and a renewed sense of self. Her presence is very supportive as she helps people move away from their struggles and hardships and she has literally been transforming the lives of everyone she touches.

Many people, especially those living in the streets, don’t even know such help exists, but fortunately many of her clients come to her through word-of-mouth or by referrals from community, social services, and church centers. Joyce firmly believes that without the right resources it’s nearly impossible for these particular group of people to achieve their dreams and find success.

Through her life changing programs, individuals can even enroll in job training services so they can aptly and confidently transition back into the workforce. This opens up pathways to sustainable jobs, housing, resources, and a plethora of educational opportunities.

Down to earth, and a compassionate natural born leader, Joyce is “a beacon of light,” for the community she serves.

As an author, she is excited to share her five self -help books, a must read, that has had an incredible positive impact on all her readers.

From serving in the military, to her work as a travel consultant, and through her own deep soul searching, Joyce drew her inspiration from the wisdom and dynamics of her own experiences and continually strives to help her clients tap into their innate potential for success.

Describing herself as a natural motivator, Joyce believes in the power of determination with led her to create a model she calls MICE, which stands for motivation, inspiration, cultivation and education.

Joyce reminds us there is greatness in us all and we should wholeheartedly share it with the world. She tells us that greatness is not a privilege just for a chosen few, it’s available to us all. Once we come from a place of wholeness, we begin to live in love, abundance, and purpose. We create a world that works for everyone and her heart felt passion is making sure that all the wonderful individuals she works with discovers their true potential and never gives up on their dreams.

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