Homeowners are Seeking Ways to Drown Out the Noise from Gallagher Square Concerts in Downtown San Diego

Frequent concerts at Petco Park are forcing homeowners to find creative solutions to develop a peaceful living environment

Whether it’s reducing noise from neighbors, within the home, or from outside noises, sound-reducing solutions can bring back peace into any homeowner’s life.”

— Neil Hamovitch

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Amid the fervent music scene and lively atmosphere that permeate San Diego’s outdoor concert venues, there exists some concern amongst local residents regarding the disruption to personal peace. One specific area of concern is loud concerts taking place at Gallagher Park, located outside the outfield wall but inside the Petco Park gates.

Some homeowners currently residing in areas surrounding Gallagher Square are dealing with late evening noise and they don’t know what their options are.

Currently, the only solutions they are aware of are investing in noise-canceling headphones or heading out of town during events, and according to Petco Park Insider, there are at least 11 more concerts scheduled between August 1st and December 31st.

So what can homeowners do to create a peaceful living situation if they live near the popular San Diego concert venue?

Soundproofing companies are a rarity in San Diego, but they are available as a resource to consumers. They can provide a range of solutions, from sound-reducing treatments on the walls and ceilings to window and door products designed to help prevent unwanted noise from entering the home, as well as dozens of other potential options.

Neil Hamovitch, owner of Soundproof San Diego based in Mission Valley acknowledges there has been an uptick in community members reaching out to his business for solutions that are directly related to the concerts taking place at Petco Park.

“Most San Diego homeowners are reaching out to us because they have a neighbor upstairs stomping around or they want to reduce noise from within the house; children and pets are the biggest complaints, it seems like. But recently, we have had an increase in homeowners calling us from nearby the stadium. Everyone seems genuinely excited about the improvements at Gallagher Square, there are some big names coming to town, and that’s great for the city of San Diego. But if someone lives in a home that is near a live venue and they want to have a little more peace within their house, we definitely have sound-reducing solutions that will help them.”

A common solution for homeowners is to invest in dual pane windows and soundproof doors, but sometimes that is not enough. Other times the investment is too high to replace all the windows and doors within a home.

Hamovitch elaborates, “Yes, we offer replacement windows and doors as well, but there are several other options that people don’t even realize are available to them – and oftentimes those solutions are more affordable, too”

Ultimately, homeowners should know that finding a peaceful living situation amidst the excitement of San Diego’s music scene is definitely possible with a little bit of research into home soundproofing solutions.

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