From Vision to Reality: The Role of Therapy in Turning Entrepreneurial Dreams into Tangible Success

Award-Winning Therapist and Business Coach Shawniel Chamanlal

Award-Winning Therapist Shawniel Chamanlal Breaks Boundaries From Social Work to Prosperous Private Practice

PLANTSVILLE, CT, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2023 / — Renowned Award-Winning Therapist and Business Coach Shawniel Chamanlal instills her story on the role of therapy in turning her entrepreneurial dreams into a tangible nearly seven-figure success. She shares the pivotal moments that led to her mission in empowering mental health therapists, along with elite women leaders, to grow profitable businesses and prioritize well-being.

Determined to break free from the cycle of personal failed relationships and conventional norms in the field of social work, Shawniel embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through mental health counseling and holistic practices, she unearthed deep emotional wounds and learned to heal from within. This transformative experience ignited her passion for helping others.

“I often heard that my professional trajectory was confined to agency and community center work, with no guidance on business growth,” says Healing Springs Wellness Center CEO Shawniel Chamanlal. “I always knew I wanted to be in a private practice defying the conventional expectations for social workers, considering private practice was typically reserved for ‘seasoned therapists’ only. Professors emphasized impact over financial success, asserting ‘you’re not supposed to make money.’ However, I believed in achieving both. I was able to keep believing in my dream because I did the needed emotional work, healing, and dismantling of self-limiting beliefs.”

This became the driving force behind Shawniel’s dedication to helping other mental health therapists and women leaders find clarity, run profitable empires and achieve work-life balance. Drawing from her own experiences, she notes that when your actions align with your vision, you can attract the resources and opportunities to dream big and manifest an abundant life. With Shawniel’s unique blend of therapeutic expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, she equips powerful women with the tools to harness their strengths, overcome self-doubt and build thriving empires.

In her role as a trailblazing therapist and business coach, Shawniel’s memoir serves as a testament to the power of therapy in transforming dreams into tangible success. As an influential figure in wellness and business, she has been recognized with esteemed awards such as the “Black People’s Honors Award” and the “Health Care & Life Sciences Award.” Her insights have been highlighted in global media outlets like Yahoo! and on the airwaves of shows like “Checking In” with Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams.

The Multi-Award Winner is hosting a one-day retreat February 3, 2024 at Healing Springs Wellness Center. This retreat is for therapists and changemakers that are mission driven who are ready to dream big, scale their business and engage in a collaborative community. For more information about Shawniel Chamanlal, visit

About Shawniel Chamanlal:

Shawniel Chamanlal is an award-winning licensed therapist, business coach, and the visionary owner of Healing Springs Wellness Center, a pioneering holistic counseling and wellness practice. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University and a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University, she has garnered over 15 years of clinical expertise. Recognized as a true luminary in her field, Shawniel has earned multiple awards, including the prestigious Black People’s Honors Award and the Health Care & Life Sciences Award for her outstanding leadership in wellness and wellbeing. Her expertise has been sought by numerous prominent platforms, leading to features in renowned publications such as Yahoo! and more. Notably, she has also shared her insights as a guest on various influential shows, including “Checking In” with Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams, and illustrious institutions like Yale.

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