Elli K Beauty Releases Brand Documentary to Highlight Their Arizona Heritage

Premium skincare brand Elli K Beauty releases a brand documentary video highlighting the brand’s Arizona heritage on its YouTube Channel.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Premium skincare brand Elli K Beauty releases a brand documentary video highlighting the brand’s Arizona heritage on its YouTube Channel.

The documentary film, titled ” Elli K: A Brand Story,” is composed of four unique chapters: “Sound Rituals,” “Sincerely Yours,” “Arizona Heritage,” and “The Land of Energy.” Each chapter shares the wondrous beauty of Arizona’s nature, the unconditional vitality of the earth, and the land’s power to heal wounds.

The film formally introduces the identity of Elli K Beauty to the world by weaving together the brand’s journey to develop premium skincare products that contain the strong vitality of Mother Nature and present a sense of true relaxation for total inner and outer beauty via Arizona heritage.

Chapter 1: Sound Rituals Features an interview with Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Dirk Sobotka. Sobotka dives into the process of delicately recording the natural sound of Arizona and the creation of the Elli K Music Works, a sound ritual composed of beautiful melodies to balance inner and outer beauty. Elli K Music works presents a holistic brand experience, designed to release serotonin and melatonin, hormones that create happiness, while healing, stabilizing, and relaxing the mind – balancing the energy of the inner and outer surfaces by focusing on oneself.

Chapter 2: Sincerely Yours Highlights model and sister duo, Juliet and Kylie Doherty, who each share personal stories about healing through the wondrous beauty of nature. The sisters transformed their life philosophy through the unconditional vitality of the earth and other natural experiences in Arizona.

Chapter 3: Arizona Heritage Introduces the Elli K Beauty product development process, completely based on the Arizona Vortex ingredients. Elli K Beauty integrates the ‘strong vitality’ of Arizona’s mysterious energy into prestigious skincare products, showcasing how the brand bottled Arizona’s rich ingredients and why their unique qualities elevate skincare, through interviews with the brand’s researchers.

Chapter 4: The Land of Energy Presents the value of Arizona heritage through the story of a Yogi who is training in Arizona, the land that emits ‘Vortex’, the most powerful active energy on Earth. The chapter sets in motion how the powerful life energy of Arizona transforms via the ‘Vortex Miracle’, Elli K Beauty’s proprietary patented ingredient made by adding a fermentation method to natural ingredients found in Arizona’s strong vitality.

The 9-minute film authentically showcases interviews of how Elli K Beauty evolved, coming to life in Sedona, Arizona. “We hope this documentary is an opportunity for skincare lovers to truly understand Elli K Beauty’s philosophy and core values,” an Elli K Executive said, and to really feel the Arizona nature and rich heritage that led to the birth of Elli K Beauty.”

The film was produced by Topspin Creative Corporation, a production company well-known for producing authentic documentaries about Sedona, Arizona. The film showcases how and why Elli K Beauty products and philosophy are inspired by the Arizona desert and the landscape’s rich history.

The documentary film, featuring the rich Arizona heritage that thrives in all aspects of Elli K Beauty, can be found on the brand’s official YouTube channel.

About Elli K Beauty:

Elli K Beauty, the world’s first Arizona heritage beauty brand, focused all attention on Arizona’s regional characteristics. Arizona is a sacred place for VORTEX, the most powerful energy on earth, and boasts the largest amount of Vortex in the world. Elli K Beauty is built on the healing effect by Arizona having a magnetic effect on the human body. Arizona is famous as a land of energy, known as a place where entrepreneurs, athletes, and many celebrities often visit for healing and revitalization. Elli K Beauty has bottled the rich and illustrious Arizona heritage into luxury skincare products that contain the strong vitality of Mother Nature with ingredients straight from the earth, fermented with their proprietary method. Their “Time Reverse” line is filled with 8 products including a toner, two masks, cleansers, a must-have time reverse cream and more. Elli K Beauty is available to shop on the official store www.ellikbeauty.com.

Elli K Beauty
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