Dr. Rassheedah Watts’ ‘Black Womb Dialogues’: Poetry and Gratitude, from Minnesota to Scotland’s Slavery Apology

Diversity Expert, Author Dr. Rassheedah Watts with Edinburgh Lord Provost of Scotland Robert Aldridge; Black Womb Dialogues Books

‘Black Womb Dialogues’, an empowering diversity tool at the intersection of poetry, identity, and history

I like the use of the poetic and art to explore some of the difficult issues. It’s a great way of making it accessible because there’s power in language.”

— Mosota, Edinburgh Slavery & Colonialism Legacy Review Implementation Chair

BROOKLYN PARK, MN, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Rassheedah Watts, an allyship and racial healing expert, embarked on a historic journey that echoes gratitude and empowerment. Her latest book, “Black Womb Dialogues,” has left an indelible mark on the global stage.

In a historic moment of reconciliation earlier this year, keynote speaker Dr. Watts, shared a powerful poetic piece at the Royal Society of Arts in Scotland, coinciding with the historic Edinburgh Apology for their role in slavery. Her words reverberated through the historic venue, connecting those fortunate enough to witness the intersection of poetic expression, identity, and history. [https://edinburgh.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/764719 ]

“I like the use of the poetic and art to explore some of the difficult issues. It’s a great way of making it accessible because there’s power in language.” Irene Mosota, Chair of the new Edinburgh Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Implementation Group

“It was very moving and in fact I could relate with a lot of what you were saying” – Sir Geoff Palmer, 1st Black Professor appointed in Scotland and former Chair of Edinburgh Slavery & Colonialism Legacy Review [ https://www.scotland.org/inspiration/sir-geoff-palmer ]

“Black Womb Dialogues” is a poetic journey, a quasi-spoken word on pages which invites readers into the world of Black women. Designed as a learning tool, the pieces creatively dive into themes of race and gender, the diversity of Black women and the unwavering spirit of resilience, the same resilience that fueled her work while serving as Chief Diversity Officer in Minnesota during the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. Having grown up from humble beginnings in San Francisco’s Mission District, she is grateful for the challenges she’s overcome which have propelled her to the global stage and shaped her to become a catalyst for dialogue, and an agent for healing.

As we reflect on this historic journey, with deep gratitude as a diversity leader, Dr. Rassheedah Watts continues to inspire understanding and motivates audiences to move from knowledge-to-action through the power of words that connects our humanity.

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