Dr. Michael Levittan, Renowned Anger Management Expert, Identifies 15 Common Triggers of Anger

Dr. Michael Levittan

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Michael Levittan, an acclaimed anger management expert, in a groundbreaking exploration of the human psyche, sheds light on the 15 common triggers that often lead to anger. Dr. Levittan, with his extensive expertise in anger management, highlights the universal nature of these stimuli that impact individuals’ emotional states.

According to Dr. Levittan, immediate events preceding an angry response reveal specific situations that act as “triggers.” While each person has unique life experiences, certain stimuli appear universally aggravating, ranging from minor irritations to major mood-altering events.

The 15 Common Triggers of Anger identified by Dr. Michael Levittan are:

1. INTERRUPTION: Someone interferes with our intent to express and be heard.

2. OBSTACLE: Progress or path is frustrated or blocked after initiating action.

3. LOSS OF CONTROL: Belief in command of a situation disrupted by external factors.

4. CRITICISM: Frequent and harsh negative judgment from others.

5. DISAPPOINTMENT: Failure to follow through on promises or meet expectations.

6. INCOMPETENCE: Frustration caused by someone’s inability to perform their job.

7. NEGLECT/REJECTION: Ignoring, overlooking, or failing to consider an individual.

8. LACK OF APPRECIATION: Failure to acknowledge or recognize accomplishments or efforts.

9. CONDESCENSION: Acting superior or treating someone as ignorant or childlike.

10. NEEDLESS REPETITION: Repeated communication of information already known.

11. INJUSTICE: A sense of inequality, unfairness, or discrimination.

12. ACCUSATION: Blaming or complaining without proper cause or justification.

13. INTRUSION: Violation of personal space or crossing boundaries.

14. DECEPTION/EXPLOITATION: Manipulation, lies, or taking advantage of someone for personal gain.

15. DISRESPECT: Failure to treat someone with courtesy and consideration.

“These triggers of anger seem to momentarily assume control over us, dominating our emotional state whether we welcome it or not,” says Dr. Michael Levittan. Understanding these triggers is a crucial step towards effective anger management.

Individuals seeking guidance on anger management or wishing to schedule a session with Dr. Michael Levittan can visit his official website: https://www.MichaelLevittan.com.

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