Dr. Levittan, Leading Psychotherapist and Family Expert, Explains the Fundamental  Reasons Why People go to Therapy

Dr. Michael Levittan

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The reasons that people go to therapy can be categorized into three groups – Emotional, Family, and Relationship – consisting of three primary reasons each, explains Dr. Michael Levittan, top psychotherapist and family expert.


1. Anxiety: constant anxiety or intense anxiety that may include panic.

2. Depression: constant depression or intense depression that may include suicidality.

3. Anger: constant anger or extreme rage that may include homicidal thoughts.


1. Difficult Childhood: traumatic, neglectful, or abusive parenting

2. Distant Family: lack of intimacy in family, no sense of belonging.

3. Conflictual Family: continual arguing, harsh treatment, lack of respect.


1. Loneliness: difficulty entering and maintaining a committed relationship.

2. Conflict: currently involved in a relationship with frequent and/or intense conflict.

3. History: years of difficult relationships, filled with conflict and lacking fulfillment.

Basically, people enter therapy to work on themselves, work on unresolved family dynamics, or work on adult relationships (or lack thereof), concludes Dr. Levittan.

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