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— Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN – INCA Co-Founder

MIAMI, FL, US, September 9, 2023/ — From April 11 to 13, 2024, an event that heralds a new era in healthcare, is set to grace the vibrant city of Miami, FL. The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy, a vanguard in the transformative realm of nurse coaching, announces the inaugural Integrative Nurse Coach® Symposium.

This event is not just for nurse coaches but extends an invitation to all nurses keen on evolving their practice through a holistic and integrative approach, setting a new standard in patient care and healthcare transformation.

Nurturing a New Wave of Nursing Leaders

The Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy is a nurturing ground for nurses from all walks of the profession. Offering pioneering approaches to nurse coaching and integrative nursing, the academy stands as a beacon of innovation, encouraging all nurses to step beyond traditional disease-focused care and embrace a richer, more inclusive approach to patient wellness.

Learning from the Pioneers in the Field

Whether a seasoned nurse coach or a nurse aspiring to broaden your horizons, the symposium promises a dynamic and enriching experience. The event features a line-up of experts in the field, offering diverse programs and workshops that cater to all levels of nursing expertise, thus forging a new path in the healthcare landscape.

Building Bridges Through Collaboration and Networking

The symposium aims to be a melting pot of ideas and innovation, bringing together nurses from various backgrounds to collaborate and forge new connections. It serves as a platform where nurses can exchange insights, share experiences, and cultivate partnerships that could redefine the future of integrative healthcare.

Empowerment, Innovation, and Growth for All Nurses

At its core, the symposium seeks to empower all nurses to become advocates and leaders in the ongoing healthcare transformation. Through the resources and education offered by the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy, nurses will find themselves equipped with the tools and resilience necessary to venture into new career pathways and elevate their practices to unprecedented heights.

Registration Now Open

Given the anticipated high demand for this groundbreaking event, early registration is encouraged. As a special gesture, those who RSVP’d are granted exclusive early access to register before the official announcement to the broader nursing community next week.

For more details and to register, visit:

About the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy

The Integrative Nurse Coach Academy is spearheading a revolution in the nursing sector, fostering a community of nurses eager to be at the forefront of healthcare transformation. With a rich tapestry of programs, functional medicine courses, and a leading textbook, the academy empowers nurses to lead the way in reshaping healthcare through a holistic and integrative approach.

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