Curtains Close on International Opera Festival

Curtains Close on International Opera Festival

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, November 10, 2023 / — The Music Commission wrapped up the second edition of the International Opera Festival in Riyadh this Saturday, November 4th. The festival, held at Princess Noura University’s Red Theatre, showcased three nights of operatic performances featuring a lineup of globally acclaimed artists.

The ‘Opera Gala’ troupe delivered a breathtaking finale to the festival with a performance of beloved operatic pieces.

The last night was made special with contributions from renowned artists like Alison Langer, Victoria Simmonds, David Butt Philip, and Morgan Pearse. They were accompanied by UK National Symphony Orchestra. Adding to the evening’s highlights was the stunning performance by Reemaz Oqbi, a celebrated Saudi operatic talent.

The festival treated its audience to an immersive operatic experience with live performances by singers dressed in exquisite classical attire, each embodying a unique voice type of the opera tradition. In addition to the captivating arias and ensembles, the venue was enriched with educational content. Screens positioned around the theater provided insights into the rich history and origins of opera, highlighted some of the world’s most iconic opera houses, and offered explanations of the various voice types that form the backbone of operatic performances. The displays also included information about the commonly used musical instruments that contribute to the grandeur of opera music.

Within the festival’s array of attractions was the “Franco Zeffirelli Exhibition,” a tribute to the legendary director’s vision. It showcased a remarkable collection of opera memorabilia, from intricate set pieces to the elaborate costumes that once adorned the stages of the world’s most acclaimed opera productions. Visitors also had a unique opportunity to step back in time within a classically styled photography area, designed for them to capture their memories with a touch of operatic grandeur.

The Saudi Music Commission culminated the grand spectacle of the International Opera Festival, a salute to the classic art form aimed at creating a global annual event drawing opera and music enthusiasts. This initiative enriches the local culture while broadening horizons with world cultures, illustrating the Ministry of Culture’s dedication to fostering international cultural exchange—an integral part of Saudi Vision 2030’s strategic goals.

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