Culturati Releases 2023 Update of Syndicated Report: “Increasing Brand Affinity Among Multicultural Consumers ©2023”

This report will provide a deeper understanding of favored consumer brands and why they resonate with each cultural cohort.

Our research highlights the escalating significance of connecting authentically with multicultural consumers.”

— Marissa Romero

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 / — Culturati Research & Consulting Inc. (Culturati) announces the release of a comprehensive update for 2023 to its syndicated report: “Increasing Brand Affinity Among Multicultural Consumers ©2023.” This report explores the dynamic landscape of multicultural consumer preferences and brand affinity, providing crucial insights for brands aiming to establish stronger connections within diverse cultural cohorts.

In an era where the influence and purchasing power of multicultural consumers are escalating, understanding, and engaging with these diverse groups have become imperative for brands striving for market success. This report serves as an indispensable resource, unveiling key strategies and showcasing brands that have successfully resonated with U.S. Hispanic, Black American, and Asian American consumer segments with a General Market benchmark.

“Our research highlights the escalating significance of connecting authentically with multicultural consumers,” stated Marissa Romero, Chief Insights Officer at Culturati. “This updated report builds on our previous findings, analyzing the evolving landscape and identifying brands that have excelled in cultivating brand affinity within these vital consumer segments.”

The report features in-depth analyses, spotlighting both high-performing brands with strong brand affinity scores and those experiencing challenges in connecting with these diverse audiences. By dissecting current marketing initiatives, the report links core cultural values to brand communications, offering invaluable insights into the factors shaping brand affinity among different cultural groups.

“We aim to provide actionable insights that empower brands to elevate cultural relevance and connection,” Romero continued. “Understanding the nuanced mix of emotional and behavioral decisions that influence brand affinity within each cultural cohort is fundamental in crafting effective strategies that resonate authentically.”

Furthermore, Culturati’s syndicated report includes comparative analyses between multicultural cohorts and the total mainstream market. It also incorporates breakouts by Culturati’s proprietary cultural segments, enhancing the understanding of brand appeal variations among these diverse segments.

Key highlights of the report include:

• Identification of brands favored among U.S. Hispanic, Black American, and Asian American cultural cohorts.
• An exploration of brands with lower affinity scores, accompanied by an examination of potential reasons for missing the mark.
• Utilization of data from the 2022 Cultural Mosaic 3.0 (1) findings for year-on-year trend analysis and valuable insights.

Increasing Brand Affinity Among Multicultural Consumers ©2023 is designed to equip brand teams with actionable insights to enhance cultural connections and relevance, enabling them to forge stronger bonds with multicultural consumers.

Culturati Research & Consulting Inc. is a leading research firm specializing in cultural insights and consumer behavior analysis. With a commitment to unraveling the complexities of multicultural markets, Culturati provides comprehensive research, consulting, and strategic solutions to empower brands to connect authentically with diverse consumer segments.

For further information or to obtain a copy of the report, please contact [email protected] for more information.
1. The Cultural Mosaic 3.0: Achieving Greater Resonance in Today’s Polycultural Mainstream, Culturati ©2022 Refresh

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