Carlsbad Therapist Now Offering Psychedelic Therapy for Trauma Patients

A therapist in Carlsbad California now offers psychedelic-assisted therapy for patients suffering from unresolved trauma.

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 29, 2023 / — New research is showing promising results for treating conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and addiction. For individuals who have struggled with unresolved trauma or mental health issues that haven’t responded well to traditional talk therapy or medications, psychedelic therapy could be an option worth exploring. A licensed therapist in Carlsbad, California is among the professionals now offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for trauma and mental health treatment. With years of experience in trauma therapy and a passion for helping people heal and transform their lives, this therapist has seen firsthand how ketamine can be profoundly effective at helping clients gain new insights and make meaningful breakthroughs, especially when combined with intensive therapy. For those seeking an innovative, holistic approach to mental wellness, Carlsbad Psychedelic Therapy may provide the relief and healing that has thus far been elusive.

During treatment, patients ingest a psychedelic substance under the guidance of the therapist to access and process deep-seated traumatic memories in a new way. The psychedelic experience, combined with therapy before and after the session, can help patients achieve new insights and perspectives that lead to meaningful changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

According to John Lehman, lead researcher and Carlsbad Ketamine Therapy colleague, “Studies on psychedelic-assisted therapy have found lasting reductions in symptoms for a high percentage of patients. Psychedelics appear to work by disrupting established neural pathways in the brain, allowing new connections to form. The effects seem to be amplified when psychedelics are combined with psychotherapy. Patients report gaining a new ability to confront painful memories without becoming overwhelmed by them. Early results suggest it could eventually become an approved treatment for PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, and other conditions. As legal and social attitudes evolve, psychedelic-assisted therapy has begun to provide relief for those unresponsive to conventional treatments. Overall, this innovative modality represents an exciting new frontier in trauma therapy.”

This innovative approach provides new hope for those still suffering from past traumatic events. By accessing the root causes of trauma in a controlled setting, psychedelic-assisted therapy may succeed where other treatments have failed. Patients interested in this therapy can contact Carlsbad Trauma Therapy to discuss treatment options and determine if they may be good candidates for this approach.

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