Cambridge social entrepreneur launches website to help animal shelters with pet crisis

With over 100,000 animals waiting in shelters – will you choose me?

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DUXFORD, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, May 19, 2023/ — Cambridge based social entrepreneur, Elaine Scott, has taken a bold step in addressing the current pet crisis by launching a ground breaking website that helps to connect pet adopters with animals in rescue centres or shelters.

The number of animals in shelters is at an all-time high. At any one time there are over 100,000 pets waiting for their forever home and some dogs and cats are left waiting months – even years for a new home.

As an ardent animal lover and professional in e-commerce, Elaine was determined to establish and launch to help the current crisis that animal shelters and homeless pets face. Elaine explains “following covid and the cost of living crisis, more pets than ever are being handed into animal shelters. Many are full and are either relying on pet fosterers to help, or home direct schemes.”

Elaine believes the current process for individuals looking to adopt a dog or cat is disjointed and outdated. “It’s 2023 and the internet can play a positive and significant part in helping pet adopters search for a suitable animal to adopt. If you have ever experienced searching for a particular breed of dog or cat to re-home, you’ll understand the frustration. With over 1,000 independent shelters the task is formidable and time consuming and sadly, many give up and purchase privately or perhaps from an unlicensed breeder.”

This sentiment is reflected in the 2023 PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report which confirms a significant increase in the number of pets being found online. Surprisingly, despite this trend only 20% of dogs are acquired from rescue or rehoming centres in the UK. Elaine continues “the PDSA’s findings highlight the growing trend of people searching online, while the number of animals being adopted from shelters has fallen over the past few years. There is undoubtably a disconnect, and our platform aims to reconnect adopters with shelters driving enquires to shelters and enabling more successful adoptions.”

Inspired by concepts such as Rightmove and Autotrader, Relovable Pets is dedicated to animal shelters and enables potential pet adopters to have access to a centralised national database of rescue dogs and cats. The organisation is offering this facility completely free of charge and without time or effort on the part of the shelter.

The Relovable Pet platform provides some of the following benefits;

1. Free listing service for all animal shelters and rescue centres.

2. All enquiries are directed to the respective shelters.

3. Free membership for pet adopters, providing access to a comprehensive database of dogs and cats waiting for homes.

4. Information on pet care, insurance, diet, health and grooming.

5. A pet shop and pet directory marketplace.

6. Exclusive discounts and offers from pet suppliers.

As a member of the Pet Industry Federation, Relovable Pets take the responsibility of advertising animals very seriously and has been in discussion with the Pet Advertising & Advisory Group (PAAG) which sets standard for pet advertising online.

Elaine concludes: “whilst I am really excited to launch Relovable Pets, this is just the beginning. With an impressive 10,000 visits to our site last month leading up to launch, we are delighted to announce that already we have over 250 members who have signed up with the intention of adopting a dog or cat. Our primary challenge lies in getting rescue centres on board, as many are either overwhelmed with work or hesitant to embrace change. However, the daily articles of animals still waiting for a forever home serves as constant reminder of why we must forge ahead and continue our mission. The more individuals looking to adopt dogs or cats who join our site, the stronger our message and impact will be.”

If you operate a dog or cat rescue centre and would like to register with Relovable Pets, contact Elaine Scott on 01223 739678 or by email: [email protected]. Listing your animals on our site incurs no costs – our only requirement is your authorisation to collaborate and feature your listings to our website – it’s that simple.

You can follow Relovable Pets on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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